Director :: Osman Ali
Genre :: Comedy
Malaysia | 2011 | 35mm | 105 Min. | Bahasa Malaysia



Cast and Credits

Screenwriter: Osman Ali
Producer: Gayatri Su-lin,
Julian Jayaseelan


Cast: Maya Karin, Remy Ishak, Jehan Miskin, Ning Baizura, Faezah Elai, Marsha, Kartina Aziz



Luna Latisya is a popular reality TV host for a show called “Meletups” who runs away after finding out that her boyfriend is cheating on her. Feeling heartbroken, Luna and her assistant Tom set off to a rural village in Kedah where she meets Atan, a handsome and kind villager. During her stay in the village, Luna starts to fall in love with the serene and peaceful lifestyle as well as gaining the approval of Atan’s family. However, a complication that happened in the city forces Luna to choose between the village life or return to her fabulous lifestyle back in the city.



About Director

A former student of Akademi Filem Malaysia, Osman Ali is steadily carving his name as a feature film director. He is versatile, creative and most of all, talented as a storyteller, combining creative elements in storytelling with a very local flavour. Known for his more risqué works, such as ‘Bukak Api’ (a story of transvestites in Kuala Lumpur) and his short film ‘Malaikat di Jendela’ (An angel on the windowsill), he is able to write and direct his own scripts. The scripts range from comedy, such as ‘Toll Gate Girl’, to such serious teenage telemovies such as ‘Surat untuk Bulan’ and ‘Rumah itu Duniaku’. Osman’s short films received awards at international film festivals in Cannes and Rotterdam. He has written this film based on a short story which won the Best Experimental Film at the Malaysian Video Awards in 2001 and was selected for Director Fortnight at Cannes in 2001




1999: Anak Halal (Short)
2000: Bukak Api
2001: Malaikat De Jendela
2001: Tollgate Girl (Tv)
2002: Intan Mahsuri (Tv)
2007: Puaka Tebing Biru
2007: Anak Halal







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