Tanteijimusyo go shiriizu

Director: Kaizo Hayashi, Koji Hagiuda, Yu Nakai, Yoshikazu Sugiyama, Kazushi Watanabe, etc.
Genre: Action | Horror | Drama | Mystery | Sci-Fi | Other
Japan | 2007 | 35mm | HD-Cam | Various | Japanese



Cast and Credits

Screenwriter: Kaizo Hayashi,
Tomihiko Tokunaga
Cinematography: Yuichi Nagata
Score: MEINA Co.
Editor: L'espace Vision
Producer: Kaizo Hayashi, Hiroki Ohwada
Producer: Jun Tamura


Cast: Joe Shishido, Shiro Sano, Shuji Kashiwabara, Hiroki Narimiya, Hiroyuki Miyasako, Mitsuki Koga, Shinji Yamashita, Ryoji Suzuki, etc.



Located in the gritty underbelly of Tokyo's neighboring Kawasaki City, Detective Office 5 has a rich 60-year history of crime solving. The story of Detective Office 5 has no protagonist. All detectives who work for DO5 are the main character. In other words, perhaps the office itself is the real protagonist of this series. The detectives in these stories have no name. Each is identified by a personal code: A 3-digit number beginning with the number 5. They combine their unique skills with the "7 tools of the trade" to solve impossible crimes.
The Do5 series currently consists of 2 feature films and 49 internet cinema episodes.

Episodes season two:

01 The Haiku Detective | 02 Slit | 03 Hitomi In Love | 04 Do Android Detectives Dream Of Electric Girls? | 05 Good-by Mom | 06 Son | 07 Cain & Abel: Part 1 | 08 Cain & Abel: Part 2 | 09 Cain & Abel: Part 3 | 10 Cain & Abel: Part 4 | 11 Send-Off Fire Prequel | 12 Send-Off Fire Sequel | 13 The Sorrow Will Soon Melt Into Snow | 14 Wait Till The 13th Ring | 15 Stop To Take-Over | 16 The Connubial Flower | 17 Second Life | 18 One Thread | 19 Ground Zero | 20 Manga Detective 539 Prequel | 21 Manga Detective Sequel | 22 Made In Dream | 23 A Long Day For The Detective Office | 24 The Food-Stand At Midnight | 25 Welcome To The Detective Bar | 26 Send-Off Fire Prequel+Sequel In Black and White



About Director

Kaizo Hayashi: Born 1957 in Kyoto, To Sleep So As To Dream (1985) is his feature film debut which he wrote, directed and produced. The film was invited to the Venice International Film Festival, New York Film Festival and other film festivals, winning several awards. His second feature film Circus Boys won the Charlie Chaplin award at the Edinburgh Film Festival (1989). Since the he has written and directed countless film including his "Private Detective Hama" series (1993-1995). As a producer, he produced Asian Beat (1992), a series of six episodes directed by different directors which were shot on location in six Asian countries. He also serves as a professor in the Film Department of the Kyoto University of Art and Design.




1985: To Sleep So As To Dream
1986: Tokyo - The Last Megalopolis (writer)
1989: Circus Boys
1990: The Legend Of Zipang
1991: Figaro Story
1992: Asian Beat series (producer)
1993: The Most Terrible Time Of My Life
1994: Stairway To The Distant Path
1995: Trap
1996: Atlanta Boogie (producer)
1997: Cats Eye
1999: Power Ranger series
2000: Lost Angeles
2002: Private Detective: Maiku Hama (tv series), Private Detective 551 (shortfilm)
2003: Time Limit, Woman In Black (shortfilm)
2005: Detective Office 5 series
2008: The Code - Shanghai Waltz







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