Director :: James Lee
Genre :: Horror | Mystery
Malaysia | 2011 | 35mm | 98 Min. | Bahasa Malaysia



Cast and Credits

Screenwriter: James Lee
Cinematography: Lai Chee Kheong
Editor: Chiang Yan Shieh
Producer: Gayatri Su-Lin


Cast: Alvin Wong, Rama, Fasha Sandha, Pete Teo, Patrick Teoh, Eira Syazira, Kuswadinata, Sufian Mohamed



Sini Ada Hantu is the story of two drivers, Ah Meng and Bakri who find themselves dealing with more horror than they can handle when they take on a last minute, late night job: to deliver their Boss"s late grandfather, encased in an old Chinese style coffin, to a small village outside of town in time for the latter"s funeral. Bakri and Ah Meng decide to tell each other ghost stories in order to pass the time and, most importantly, stay awake.
Bakri begins with a story from his kampung of the Banana Tree spirit, a mysterious temptress who seduces men in their sleep. As these men fall deeper under her spell, they find themselves slipping away from reality. Ah Meng"s story is of four friends who tempt fate when they seek spiritual guidance from dead spirits as a means out of their financial problems to disastrous outcomes.
Bakri follows on from Ah Meng"s tale with a third story about a university hostel haunted by the ghosts of Japanese soldiers who inhabited the hostel when it was a base for the Japanese Imperial Army in World War Two. As Ah Meng is about to follow up with another story, the van breaks down. The men then experience a ghostly encounter of their own. A ghost appears in the van!
Both Ah Meng and Bakri run in fear, but find themselves with bigger problems than ghosts when their van disappears. They can't report the missing vehicle to their supervisor or the police as neither will believe the mysterious circumstances under which the van went missing. They have no choice but to walk towards the next village for help.
To their great surprise, upon reaching the village, the men find their van parked outside a funeral home. Ah Meng and Bakri are confused until they walk into the funeral home and see a picture of the deceased hanging above the coffin they were supposed to deliver. The picture is of none other than the ghost Bakri and Ah Meng had seen the night before!



About Director

Born 1973 in Ipoh, Malaysia. Trained as a graphic designer. A self-taught filmmaker, he began acting & directing theatre plays before venturing into video filmmaking.
In 2001 he directed his first feature film, Snipers, followed by Ah Beng Returns, a highly stylized experimental film, the same year. In 2002 James made Room To Let, a Mandarin drama.
The Beautiful Washing Machine was his fourth DV-feature, which won the Best Asean Feature Award and FIPRESCI Price in the 2005 Bangkok International Film Festival. The movie also received rave reviews from the international media including Variety and The Village Voice
His fifth feature “Before We Fall in Love Again” was made with the assistance of The Hubert Bals Fund and The Global Film Initiative (?) and premiered at the 2006 Pusan International Film Festival. He followed this up quickly with Things We Do When We Fall in Love (2007).
He has also served as Director of Photography for many Malaysian films including Tan Chui Mui’s “Love Conquers All” and producer for others like Ho Yuhang’s “Sanctuary” (Special Mention in both Pusan 2004 and Rotterdam 2005) and Amir Muhammad’s “The Big Durian” (Sundance 2004).




2001: Ah Beng Returns
2001: Snipers
2002: Room To Let
2004: The Beautiful Washing Mashine
2004: Tokyo Magic Hour (Producer)
2007: Waiting For Love
2007: Things We Do When We Fall In Love
2007: Before We Fall In Love Again
2008: Histeria







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