Director :: Kabir Bhatia
Genre :: Action | Comedy
Malaysia | 2009 | 35mm | 108 Min. | Bahasa Malaysia



Cast and Credits

Screenwriter: Kabir Bhatia
Cinematography: Mohd Noor bin Kassim
Editor: Faizul Mohd Noh
Producer: Gayatri Su-Lin


Cast: Afdlin Shauki, Vanidah Imran, Que Haidar , Bront Palarae, Rashidi Ishak, Indi Nadarajah



In 1847 the Malacca Governor (Lord Arthur Barring) wanted something to be remembered for future generations to come. He appointed a watch maker to make an exclusive stamp for him. But the resulted stamp was not even close to his expectations and was laughed at when it was revealed. Lord Arthur Barring was furious and threw away the stamp which was later picked up by his grandchildren.
In 2008, Charles Barring IV conducted a press conference at A Famosa. He showcased the valuable heritage of his ancestors, The Barring Stamp. In the press conference he mentioned of how the Stamp has travelled throughout the whole world and finally returning to its rightful place where it was made, in Malacca where it will be exhibitioned at the Malacca Museum. Sid and Joe who attended the press conference had intentions to steal the Stamp which is said to be valued at 2 million ringgit. Pak Ramli was the mastermind behind Sid & Joe because he wanted to use the money to pay for the land lot of his orphan home runned by him. Sid and Joe were determined to get the stamp to repay back all the good deeds Pak Ramli has done for orphan home.
But, Sid & Joe were not the only people eyeing on the stamp. Piranha Lim, an Ah Long group leader was also interested. Vellu, the driver for the security company transporting the stamp to the museum, also intends to steal it as well.
Who will get the stamp? What will happen to all of them?


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