Yume Miruyoni Nemuritai

Director:: Kaizo Hayashi
Genre:: Detective | Drama
Japan | 1985 | 16mm | 81 Min. | No dialogue



Cast and Credits

Screenwriter: Kaizo Hayashi
Cinematography: Yuichi Nagata
Editor: Kaizo Hayashi, Yuichi Nagata
Producer: Kaizo Hayashi,
Takashige Ichise


Cast: Shiro Sano, Moe Kamura, Koji Otake, Akira Oizumi, Moria Agata, Kazunari Ozawa, Fujiko Fukamizu



Set in the post-war Tokyo of the 1950's, To Sleep So As To Dream tells the story of private detective Uozuka and his assistant Kobayashi who are hired by a mysterious elderly woman named Sakura Tsukishima to rescue her daughter Kikyo from kidnappers who make capricious ransom demands as the M. Pathe Company. Guided by the kidnapper's serpentine clues and inspired by a dreamy recording of the girl's singing, detective Uozuka - a forthright young man with a penchant for hard-boiled eggs - meets a rouge's gallery of characters on a surreal journey that takes him from the top of Tokyo Tower through shrines, mansions, shops, magic shows, carnival fairgrounds, dark side streets, and dank warehouses to, what should be, a long gone silent movie theater. Past and present, fantasy and reality continually intertwine until nothing is as it appears to be.



About Director

Born 1957 in Kyoto, To Sleep So As To Dream (1985) is his feature film debut which he wrote, directed and produced. The film was invited to the Venice International Film Festival, New York Film Festival and other film festivals, winning several awards. His second feature film Circus Boys won the Charlie Chaplin award at the Edinburgh Film Festival (1989). Since the he has written and directed countless film including his Private Detective Hama series (1993-1995). As a producer, he produced Asian Beat (1992), a series of six episodes directed by different directors which were shot on location in six Asian countries. He also serves as a professor in the Film Department of the Kyoto University of Art and Design.




1985: To Sleep So As To Dream
1986: Tokyo - The Last Megalopolis (writer)
1989: Circus Boys
1990: The Legend Of Zipang
1991: Figaro Story
1992: Asian Beat series (producer)
1993: The Most Terrible Time Of My Life
1994: Stairway To The Distant Path
1995: Trap
1996: Atlanta Boogie (producer)
1997: Cats Eye
1999: Power Ranger series
2000: Lost Angeles
2002: Private Detective: Maiku Hama (tv series), Private Detective 551 (shortfilm)
2003: Time Limit, Woman In Black (shortfilm)
2005: Detective Office 5 series
2007: The Code - Shanghai Waltz









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